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Kelli Winkler


Voice Talent

Feminine, articulate, soothing, sultry and compassionate. 

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The Fisher Price Cassette Player and Recorder circa 1992.  That was my first piece of audio equipment to record my "radio shows" and "tell my stories."  I dreamed of being Barbara Walters one day and set out to do that.  Radio, news reporting and a couple of jobs later...this cool journey has led me to voiceover ultimately.  


I've been freelancing in Voice Over officially since 2017 and constantly looking for more ways to improve my quality and skills. With professional equipment and an in-home studio, I've been able to provide quick deliveries to my clients in a crunch, as well as living my best life.  


My main objective is to offer you excellent customer service and provide you with a quality product that you can be proud of having associated with your business! I’ve been told by other clients that my voice added that “class and professionalism” they were looking for. 


It’s a joy to meet new clients and then keep a long term relationship by providing you customized care and attention to detail with each project that I do for you.


I look forward to working with you,





KC Skyline Print by Kaitlin Gray, Kelli's favorite artist at


Services Offered

Whether it’s a corporate video voice over, explainer or tutorial voiceover, audio drama, presenter or host voiceover, voicemail/IVR, or a commercial, I’d love to work with you.  If your project is outside of these categories, please just contact me so we can discuss it further.   I’m looking forward to working with you. 

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It's delightful to work with Kelli. She's super patient and understanding which truly is above and beyond my previous experience working with other freelancers.

Steve with Gempages

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